I’m seduced by the elegant power of aroma and how it moves our emotional state.
Scents evoke emotions. They are bridges that awaken precious memories within us unlike any of our other senses.

Aromatherapy uses plant-derived essential oils to enhance an individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

WOODS WILD BOTANICALS integrates the principles of aromatherapy into a skincare line based on a holistic approach benefitting Skin and Mood. Each product is a synergetic blend of essential and plant oils that provides unique emotional and spiritual support, while also delivering the same effective results to your skin. I strongly believe that feeling good inside is the first step to enhancing our outer beauty and achieve total well-being.

The brand is grounded in my belief that sourcing natural and pure quality ingredients as well as using only organic, wild-harvested ingredients where available promotes holistic health. You will never find fillers, parabens, sulfates or other additives in our formulas.

WOODS WILD BOTANICALS is handcrafted with passion and love to deliver you the most pleasurable experience.

Our fully-recyclable packaging is so beautiful that you will use it again and again, get creative!

Meet Donna

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I grew up in a small country village near Venice, Italy surrounded by the magnificence of this land and its energy. It was here that I developed a deep connection with nature and its power to heal. 
In 2010 I moved to New York, drawn by the need to keep that connection alive, I turned a lifelong passion for flowers into my new career and started working as a floral designer. 
I’m curious and an explorer of the beauty of nature in all its forms. The elegance of flowers and plants, with their hidden powers always charmed and intrigued me. Studying at the New York Institute of Aromatherapy and becoming a certified aromatherapist was a natural path for me. 
Research, Discover, Create– it’s what I love to do. Formulating effective and delicious potions to feed the mind and soul excites me and brings me the greatest joy.